Ariki, an iconic New Zealand champion racing yacht, which was built in early 19th century. Her name means chief and leader in the Maori language, and She is as brave and resilient as a chief, holds the most distinguished and glittering racing career in New Zealand history.

Ariki Store is created in the spirit of legendary Atiki yacht, which is an e-commerce platform that provides top-quality New Zealand health products.

We directly work with leading health brands and pharmaceutical manufacturers across New Zealand, featuring a carefully selected range of products with exclusive offers. We offer various payment portals and make shopping most easy for you.

Inspired by Ariki, we are proud of taking ownership of our promise and will always be committed to providing top-quality champion products!


在后疫情时代,Ariki Store扬帆而来,为海内外华人提供更为优质的健康生活选择。我们的平台与品牌强强联手,为您献上最精选的产品和最独家的优惠,同时提供您多样便捷的支付选择。